Do you find it difficult to attract the right people? Do you want to take a close look at your recruitment and selection policy? Is it time to look at jobs, vacancies and candidates in a different way?

Inclusive recruitment and selection provides an answer to all your questions. A diverse workplace with an inclusive organisational culture attracts and retains more talent. You are not just casting the net into a larger talent pool. Commitment to diversity and inclusion often leads to better (financial) performance and even more innovation within an organisation. Different personal backgrounds often bring a wider variety of perspectives. This, in turn, leads to creative solutions.

Empower your organisation

The research centre Public Impact at KdG University of Applied Sciences and Arts has developed a kit of ten building blocks for recruitment and selection based on diversity and inclusion - a D&I kit.

The ten building blocks share a circular and continuous dynamic: A successful recruitment strategy must focus on several recruitment aspects at the same time. Each building block provides interesting insights into how to make your processes even more inclusive. They are for everyone who is involved in recruitment and selection - in small, medium-sized or large organisations. Taking your first steps towards an inclusive recruitment and selection policy? Or working on certain aspects in more detail? Following this approach will enable you to build a firmly embedded, inclusive recruitment and selection policy, and secure the future of your people and your organisation.

Each building block contains challenges that invite you to reflect and tools for concrete application. In enables you learn valuable lessons, tailored to your organisation, and set a change process in motion.

Project en partners

The D&I kit was developed in cooperation with Event Confederation, Sociaal Fonds Podiumkunsten, Untitled Workers Club, De Aanstokerij, Society in Motion (Netherlands) and 3C Lab (Italy), with funding from the European Social Fund. User identity, user needs, learning objectives, learning content and the final form of the D&I kit were considered in collaboration with these partners over two years (2021 – 2022).


Although the D&I kit was initially developed for the broad events, culture and creative sector, the building blocks, challenges and tools are certainly relevant to other sectors.

This English version of the D&I kit contains the contents of the 10 building blocks and a selection of challenges to get you started. The other challenges and tools are only available in Dutch.

In addition to the D&I kit, TEAM[inclusive] was developed as part of this ESF project. The skills workshops are based on Lencioni's pyramid with result orientation, responsibility, strong commitment, constructive conflict and mutual trust as the five most important building blocks for a successful and effective team. Working through the various layers will increase effective cooperation and strengthen employee retention.