Do you want to increase your knowledge of inclusive recruitment and selection? Complete the questions and find out where you stand, and which building blocks you should next pay attention to. It’s a step-by-step process towards more insight.

If you're a beginner it will be helpful to go through all the building blocks - before starting on the challenges and tools. You'll get to know which building blocks are better for you to start with by answering the questions.

You may already have taken steps to develop an inclusive recruitment and selection policy. If so, do you feel that you’ve reached an intermediate level in this? If you have, it could be useful to know the next points to focus on, in order to further develop your D&I policy.

If you got a high score, it may be interesting to start on the challenges, straight away. Perhaps these tools could add value to your organisation?

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    Does your organisation's mission and vision take diversity and inclusion into account?

    Is diversity present at all levels, i.e. across all teams; is your staff diverse in terms of origin, age, gender, physical abilities, education, etc.?

    Hebben de medewerkers respect voor elkaars persoonlijkheid en gevoeligheden?

    Are the stakeholders (employees, customers, job applicants, tertiary schools, partner organisations, etc.) fully on board with your vision on diversity?

    Have you already taken steps to work on your employer branding?

    Do you know which inclusion criteria to focus on? Examples of inclusion criteria are age, gender, race, ethnicity, marital status, educational, experience, language, type of occupation, physical activity, medical, psychosocial and emotional.

    Does your job advertisment realistically reflect job content and focus on the essential job requirements?

    Do you state in your job advertisments that your organisation recruits on the basis of competence and talent, regardless of age, gender, origin, religion and disability (i.e. do you have a diversity clause)?

    Do you look critically at the language in your advertising? Do you pay attention to people's sensitivities to language?

    Are vacancies advertised across various channels (social media, own website, organisations that guide specific groups in finding work)?

    Does your organisation arrange informal, low-threshold meetings with job seekers?

    Would your organisation qualify for Open Hiring?

    As an interviewer, are you aware of your own frame of reference (set of personal values and standards, knowledge and experiences)?

    As a recruiter, are you aware of your ((un)conscious) prejudices and biases?

    As a recruiter, do you have insight into intersectionality?

    Does your organisation pay attention to diversity & inclusion in its communication (e.g. authentic, diverse visuals on the website and the use of authentic, diverse testimonials, etc.)?

    Do your managers ensure there’s a good atmosphere and easy cooperation in the teams?

    Is there a firm and timely response to prejudice and bullying?

    Is there a clear, written application procedure?

    Do candidates have the option to apply by e-mail, telephone and letter?

    Do selections take place in a transparent and professional manner?

    Do all applicants get an equal chance in job interviews?

    Are people's talents and competencies the criteria for all positions?

    Are selection committee members with different backgrounds and profiles involved in job interviews?

    When selecting a new colleague, do you apply culture add hiring, i.e. do you take into account the complementarity of the people in the team?

    Are people selected on the basis of their competences and talents, regardless of age, gender, origin, religion and disability?

    Can candidates count on feedback after a job interview?

    Does the organisation provide a mentoring system?

    Is the onboarding brochure clear and does it contain understandable language - perhaps with pictograms?

    Is er een coach die de medewerker ondersteunt tijdens zijn/haar inwerkingsproces?